My planned route is far from certain. The map and list of countries below could very easily change. The most likely additions are Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. As for subtractions, it’s possible that the security situation worsens drastically in certain places. Despite my hoopla about ignoring government advisories, I don’t have a death wish. The US invading Iran is an example of something that would keep me away. Pakistan could destablize entirely. Sudan could break out into full blown civil war. Hell, Syria could simply deny me a visa, forcing me to fly to Amman. Anything’s possible.

But, all that preamble aside, here is a map of my route (click on it for an interactive version). It’s very, very rough. My time in India is completely up in the air, so I’ve simply run the line to and fro across the country to indicate how long I’ll be there (six months, at least). Below the map you’ll find a list of the countries I plan on visiting.


Click to view interactive Google Map version.

Click to view interactive Google Map version.


India – Nepal – Pakistan – Iran – Turkey – Syria – Lebanon – Jordan – Egypt – Sudan – Ethiopia – Kenya – Tanzania – Mozambique

There’s a good chance that I will settle in Mozambique for some months, living on a beach working in a dive shop (tough, I know). From there, side trips to South Africa, Lesotho, Madagascar, and others is more than likely.

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