Wait, isn’t all travel non-essential?

Debatable. But that’s beside the point. The name stems from my planned, though far from certain, route. It takes me through quite a few countries that have received the ignominious distinction of being placed on western travel advisory lists. Yes, those hypochondriac government warnings to “avoid all non-essential travel.” 

Indeed only a few countries on the itinerary escape this distinction (notably Jordan, Egypt, Tanzania and Mozambique). Nevertheless they are still blessed with yellow alerts: “exercise a high degree of caution.” Considering recent events, Egypt’s lack of a warning is conspicious. Perhaps their strong defense of western interests in the region gives them some pull, especially considering tourism is their biggest industry. 

At any rate, here are some of the more “dangerous” countries I’ll be visiting, as well what some major western governments (i.e. US, UK, Canada, etc) advise against:

  • Pakistan: All Travel (regional); All Non-Essential Travel (national).
  • Iran: All Travel (regional); High Degree of Caution (national).
  • Sudan: All Travel (national).
  • Lebanon: All Travel (regional); Non-Essential Travel (national).

If you have been to any of these countries recently, and would like to report on the relative safety in each, please comment or contact me.